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Jim & Ben

About Jim and Ben

Jim Bower & Ben Chester have been friends for nearly twenty years and had been working together on green wood and woodland craft projects on and off for around 5 years when they decided that they would form York Wood Crafts so they could spread the knowledge and skills they have learnt about a subject they are passionate about. They realised that they enjoyed teaching others these simple skills, and the deep understanding that can be gained about nature and how our ancestors used and manipulated the natural environment around them.


Jim and Ben try to keep traditional woodland and rural crafts alive, and to pass on the knowledge and practical skills of these crafts to others, in the hope they will pass these skills onto future generations and keep these skills alive for generations to come.


Ben is a craftsman who designs and builds green oak buildings and structures and renovates wooden structures in historical buildings. Ben also carries out woodland management. Check out some of his work at www.benchester.co.uk.


Ben has been teaching and running green woodworking and woodland craft courses for over twelve years with various organisation's around the country and is the chief course tutor at York Wood Crafts.


Jim has been teaching green woodworking and longbow making for four years and is an enthusiastic green wood worker who has a passion for longbow making, as well as keeping and bringing old crafts back to life. Jim is a course tutor and the webmaster at York Wood Crafts.