Rural Crafts
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Rural Crafts

Rural crafts are traditional crafts such as hedge laying, green woodworking, dry stone walling, hurdle making, besom broom making - the list goes on, that all use natural materials and methods found locally and so both reflect and contribute to the character of the local landscape.


Rural crafts have been carried out in the countryside for generations and are the traditional crafts that are carried on simply for everyday practical use, for example in the craft of peg making or spoon carving.


Once widespread and commonplace, the survival of some rural crafts is now in doubt, although in recent years there has been a resurgence in interest in keeping the knowledge of these ancient crafts alive.


Many of the woodland craft and green woodworking skills that we teach on our courses were once common place and were used everyday by many people.


But in the present day with modern processes and mass production these skills have slowly been dying out as the products that were once produced are no longer needed in any great numbers in our modern society.


Craft skills are lost because the knowledge is not passed on from generation to generation as it once was.


It is important that these skills are kept alive and flourishing by passing the knowledge on, and for people to keep practicing them, much as old stories were passed on by word of mouth. These skills need to be demonstrated, learnt and practiced as it is difficult to learn them from just a history book!

<img src="pegger-shave-horse.jpg" alt="Peggers at work on their shave horses" />

Peggers at work on their shave horse's

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