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Courses- Green Woodworking (2days)


This course is designed to give those new to green woodworking a taste of a variety of the skills and techniques that are used when working green wood. These skills and techniques form the backbone of the craft of green woodworking, and develop a sound platform from which to progress further with your craft.

During the 2 days you will undertake some simple green wood projects such as spoon carving or making pegs on the Shave Horse. We will introduce you to the Pole Lathe, how to set it up, and how to use it, and get you started on some turning. In between you will undertake the slightly larger project of making a three legged stool. At the end of the weekend you will be able to take home all of your projects, and hopefully a completed stool!


The course will cover the fundamentals of green woodworking and all the necessary theory, skills and techniques needed for a sound base in green woodworking. All tools and materials are provided, and at the end of the course you will have your completed projects to take home with you.


If you have done some green woodworking before we are happy to cover some of the more advanced skills and techniques. Thus offering you a chance to try your hand at some more challenging projects such as turning a baby rattle, making a more complicated stool, or turning accomplished designs on the Pole Lathe while practicing with the harder tools like the skew chisel.

Elements and skills covered:


  • Health & safety whilst working, safe tool handling and usage
  • Overview of green woodworking and relevant theory
  • History and use of the pole lathe and shave horse
  • The characteristics and selection of wood
  • Cleaving (splitting) with wedges and the froe and beetle
  • Material removal using the sideaxe
  • Use of the drawknife and spokeshave on the shave horse
  • Simple joints using the mallet and chisels
  • Drilling holes using a bit and brace and wood augers
  • Making tapered mortice leg joints
  • Creating a smooth surface using the adze and/or plane
  • How to use a hand saw correctly
  • Use of the pole lathe and various wood turning chisels



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