Pole Lathe Experience Day
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Courses - Pole Lathe Experience (1day)


Ever fancied the chance of having a go on a pole lathe to see what its all about?

During this one day course we will introduce you to the pole lathe, how it is set up and how it is used. Common mistakes to avoid, how to fine tune its performance and how to spot problems developing and correct them.


You will get experience spindle turning with a range of turning tools. We will cover 'rounding off' of material with the large roughing chisel, getting that perfect finish with the skew chisel, through to beading and coving with either the skew or triangle point chisel.


We will cover the different ways to setup the Pole Lathe for spindle turning or bowl turning and let you get the feel for the different techniques and tools used. E.g. the bowl gouge, hook chisel, ring chisel and the scraper.


You can either concentrate on practicing various techniques, or have a go at some simple projects like a rolling pin or maul (a type of small wooden mallet). If you are feeling a bit more adventurous you could have a go at turning a baby rattle or maybe starting a bowl.


If you have used a Pole Lathe before we are happy to teach some more advanced techniques or work on your turning speed and rythm to increase efficiency.


Elements and Skills covered:


  • Health & safety whilst working and safe tool handling and usage
  • Overview of the pole lathe and its setup
  • History and use of the pole lathe
  • Selection and characteristics of woods
  • Cleaving (splitting)
  • Rounding off or roughing out
  • Correct use of the skew chisel to achieve surface finish
  • Set up for turning bowls
  • Buying and looking after turning chisels
  • Fundamental turning techniques and practice


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