Welcome to York wood crafts. We are a small organisation based in North Yorkshire running courses teaching green woodworking and rural crafts.

Have you ever fancied learning about green woodworking? Maybe you have seen a polelathe and wondered how it works, or possibly you just want a weekend in the countryside away from it all doing something satisfying with your hands.


Why not join us for a relaxed weekend of green woodworking in the beautiful countryside of the vale of York?


Learn about the ancient craft of the polelathe and make you own three-legged stool on our Green Woodworking Course.

Are you fascinated by the longbow and its place in British history? Have you ever dreamed of making your own longbow and shooting it?


Book on our Longbow Course and we will teach you all about, and how to make, your very own English longbow & arrows and then shoot them.


Or are you looking for a gift for someone who would love to do something like this?


Buy a course as a gift or a present!


Course vouchers are available as presents or gifts - perfect for that special someone who has everything, an ideal present for a chance to getaway for a few days.

What's Going On


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We Look Forward to Meeting you....

Jim & Ben