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Make your own Longbow...

Proving as popular as ever our Longbow Courses are still the highlight of our calendar. The very last York Wood Crafts Course available to book on - don't miss out!




More about the Longbow Course

The Yorkshire Post emulates the importance of HEDGE LAYING!


Saturday -Sunday 10th - 11th November 2018


During this 2 day course we will teach you the traditional art of hedge laying by tackling a hedge with the aim of completing a small section from start to finish.


The course will cover the fundamentals of hedge laying and all the necessary skills and techniques that are required for successful hedge laying.

BBC CountryFile acknowledges our importance!

BBC Fame...

Monday 20th February 2017

Filmed a couple of years ago but recently repeated again recently on BBC1.


Would you believe filming took two days to complete!


Jim opted to stay behind the camera. Dare we admit..... it was Jim who shot the bullseye arrows towards the end of the video!


A fantastic if but brief introduction to our longbow making courses.

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Course FAQs

Who can come on our courses?

We hope to be able to welcome everyone to our courses


We try to make the courses accessible for everyone


Our courses are open to the Yorkshire elements

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Summer is here!!

Sunshine and Laughter - just how we like it...


April 2018 \\York Wood Crafts HQ

Bye Bye...

It is with some sadness that we have decided not to run York Wood Craft Courses in 2019. We all have full time "day jobs" which pay the bills and run York Wood Craft courses through passion and drive to share our knowledge with like minded folk. We feel we will not have enough time to ensure our course particpants get the very best..



2018 Course Diary


October 13th - 15th

Make Old English Longbow £300


November 10th - 11th

Hedge Laying £150



We will not be running courses...

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